Wedding Photography and Videography

Stanislaw Sowa


           My approach to portrait and wedding photography is to capture natural, candid expressions and movement, in a relaxed atmosphere, at your chosen location and, above all, to make it fun. The aim is a look that is fresh, simple and stylish, in keeping with today’s trends. 

           The result? Images that reflect the event or occasion: that look, that smile, that special moment.

            Let me use somebody elses words about my work: The thing I like about your photos is that you bring out the emotions - faces look happy and thats what I would to remember.

             Please, view my gallery and you will see that it is full of smile and in every event I get some  unforgettable and magic photos. My latest digital equipment and professional software  helps me to get top quality finish of my work to please you and your relative. 

          Many thanks

          Stanislaw Sowa